Portrait of Matthew Stroh, Portland, Oregon

Matthew Stroh

UX | Design | Development | Management
Web and marketing professional with 16 years under my belt currently residing in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I'm passionate about easy-to-use, effective Web experiences that convert visitors into engaged customers.

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About Matthew Stroh

My Approach

I love making the Web work. But it's important to remember that UX, design and development decisions should be made with the client's business goals in mind.

It's easy for creative professionals to forget that design is a means to an end for achieving campaign goals (though it is always nice to get an award or two for your efforts).

Formula for Online Success:
  1. Get to know the consumer, the product and the competition.
  2. Draft a plan for success; ROI goals, wireframes, sitemaps, prototypes and data systems.
  3. Make it shiny and write clean code.
  4. Run QA (including full-circle data reporting).
  5. Run your media.
  6. Call it a day and relax with a Maker's Manhattan.

Skills and Talents

As much as I like being creative while monkeying around with pixels and code, I have a sincere drive to write operational procedures to streamline efficiency. Left Brain, meet Righty.

My Skills and Talents


  • Photoshop
  • UX / AI
  • ScreenFlow (Tutorial Videos)
  • Google Analytics
  • Illustrator
  • LemonStand
  • TextMate
  • Microsoft Excel
  • WordPress
  • Git + SVN
  • jQuery
  • Drupal

Career Work History

Are you a visual learner? Me, too. Check out this handy timeline graphic to give you a pretty good sense of what I've been doing. Otherwise, here's a tidy list:

UX/Creative Direction Consultant (2013-present)
Portland, OR
- Requirements gathering and research
- heuristics evaluation
- Reverse engineering and data analysis
- Sketchboarding and wireframing
- Prototyping (HTML/CSS/jQuery)

R2C Group (2008-2013)
Portland, OR
- Manager of Interactive Services
- Manager of User Experience
- Senior Web Developer

R2C Group (2003-2007)
Portland, OR
- Web Designer & Developer
- Print and Broadcast Production Artist

Freelance (2002-2011)
Portland, OR
- Web Designer & Developer

Kranzeler Kingsley (2000-2002)
Bismarck, ND
- Web Designer & Developer
- Print Production Artist

Spit'n Image (1999-2000)
Bismarck, ND
- Large Format Printing and Mounting
- Press Matching
- Production Artist

Clubs and Activities

Presentation Practice Group (2012-Present)
R2C Group - Portland, OR
- Club Founder and Organizer
- Member

Toastmasters International (2011-2012)
Pearl District - Portland, OR
- Club President
- Member

HTML Tutor (2013-Present)
- Curriculum Writing
- Hands-On Training


Bismarck State College Internship (1999)
Spit'n Image
Bismarck, ND

Bismarck State College (1998-2000)
Bismarck, ND
Associate of Arts, Graphic Design

Velva Public High School (1994-1998)
Velva, ND

Speaking Engagements

Matthew Stroh Brandlive Expert Focus
Matthew Stroh Brandlive Expert Focus
Brandlive Expert Focus
Direct Response Consumer Marketing
May 30th, 2013 - Portland, OR
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Matthew Stroh Brandlive Expert Focus
Matthew Stroh Brandlive Expert Focus
Video Commerce Summit 2012
The All Stars of Interactive Video
August 10th, 2012 - San Francisco, CA
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Annette Aranda, Sr. Project Manager - IDL Worldwide

"His curiosity for new techniques provides unique and cutting edge ideas for effective and truly impactful online experiences. In addition to all his expertise, Matthew is a true delight to work with. Whether as the lead or as a member of a team, his calm efficiency always brings out the best in people."

Annette Aranda
Sr. Project Manager – IDL Worldwide

"Matthew is that rare individual who has managed to refine both his artistic and technical prowess. His designs are not just visually compelling, but they are always executed with the aim of furthering his clients' business goals. His genuine passion for all things interactive will make him an asset to anyone in need of an interactive creative director. "

Don Dougherty
Creative Strategist – Propaganda Werks
Kara Hamada, Interactive Producer, R2C Group

"Matthew's attention to detail, problem solving skills and proactive nature have helped guide our interactive projects through successful completion. He creates processes that work and has invested his time into developing me as an Interactive Producer."

Kara Hamada
Interactive Producer – R2C Group
Brad Grove, Director of Post Production at R2C Group

"Matthew is a pleasure to work with and handles high stress, technical problems with the same pleasant manner as presenting to clients. He would be a valuable and soon indispensable member of any success-driven company."

Brad Grove
Director of Post Production – R2C Group
Phil Cowdell, President of Client Services at GroupM

"Matthew is one of the hardest working, most diligent people I have worked with. He routinely goes above and beyond to deliver the right solution to the client; support and guidance to his team; and considered perspective to agency management. He's also one of those good people who are a pleasure to work with and to have on your team."

Phil Cowdell
President of Client Services – GroupM
Chris McCraw, Senior Technical Support Engineer at New Relic

"He consistently and intuitively understood situations (even those outside of his primary expertise) and gave great advice, creative direction, and demonstrated an intense empathy with both his co-workers and our clients."

Chris McCraw
Senior Technical Support Engineer – New Relic